Color leotard in your character

 On the beach has its own, special psychological laws. You think that just lay yourself in a deckchair, scaring others dismembered beauty, located on the front cover of your detective? Here and there! You actively signaliziruete and won that pot-bellied gentleman with a beer, and that this handsome with a surfboard (where is it? I was only here) that you ...

On the eve of the start of the bathing season on the now native Egyptian and Turkish beaches offer to find out about what is said around the color of your beach attire?


Psychologists say that the most winning color for the swimsuit and swimming trunks - that blue and do not worry, all its shades. That is your elegant blue bikini from a psychological point of view it is trustworthy. Color of the sky and the sea "cools" unwanted hottest looks and gives the ladies mystique. The man he will emphasize the athleticism and hint at ... intelligence. Choosing a blue bathing suit, you unconsciously tell others that calm, balanced, self-sufficient, and if set to dating, it is only with serious intentions, without any vulgarity. By the way, women with curvaceous best cover is light blue leotard (the color at the same time cleverly conceals all sorts of surplus).

The trend of the coming season: top and bikini in short shorts with development "under jeans."


With this you have to be very careful. Light green and light green to very few people go, he sets off unprofitable skin, as well as signals of psychological immaturity ("Young-green"). Although you if you want to pass a special frivolous, and you can take the risk. For guys, this color generally excluded because it will serve the surrounding divas unambiguous psihonameki, pejorative their manhood.

The best choice for girls: blue and light green irises on a white background. And only tanned body!


Red swimsuit and swimming trunks will excite and attract the attention of others. It you want? Then - full speed ahead! American psychologists conducted an experiment: dressed pretty girls in bathing suits of different colors. These undines within five minutes walking to study their men. Then the girls dressed and again showed strong floor, offering to guess who is to defile. It turned out that all the colors could be guessed about the same - with an accuracy of 60 to 70%, except for the red: girls show off in front of men in bathing suits this color scheme, do not know. And all because the lustful gaze was fixed on a small red Patchwerk matter and did not bother to glance at parties.

Selection: remember the TV series "Baywatch". Can someone does not remember what it looks like Pamela Anderson ?! So wear a one-piece swimsuit red sports style.


This playful color, even too much. It will give your carelessness and lack of seriousness. For guys it is excluded (for about the same reason as the light green: yellow - "chick" color). Indicated for molodyaschihsya coquettes and girls who are looking for "Daddy."

Selection: variation on the theme of yellow - gold. Swimsuit - "on zavyazochkah" top - no cups, simple "triangles". You will become the queen of the beach!


Oddly enough, this color can afford only a young girl with a good figure (although they will give it features easy bitchiness), because contrary to popular belief cleverly emphasizes all eaten for breakfast muffins and pancakes. All other lovers of this conservative colors should combine it with more vivid and placed away from your face - for example, sunbathing topless. Black swimming trunks for men - a signal of aggression. Therefore, even if the guy chose a two-colored trunks, but the black behind, you have to be wary - he obviously wants to hide his natural desire for power ... or lack of imagination. Well, as a combination of "black-red" (red front), psychologists believe, promises furious temper, but the load and unstable, short temper.

Selection: black stripe - light green stripe, strapless top. You can pass elegant lady!


What's good for the wine is bad for the girl. Cherry blossom in a bathing suit is not appropriate: it blows from the beginning of aging, some "tuhlinkoy" possibly flawed character. But in men, this color is popular. Cherry melting love pedantic, meticulous boring and scattered and absorbed in his thoughts guys. They do not come close - still will not notice. Or notice, but not what I would like to ...

Selection: pink - almost cherry. Psihonagruzka almost the same as that of yellow. Yes, you - Barbie. But because you leave!


White Impatiens prefer and sissy. A man in a white bathing suit will likely be perceived sissy or manic tidy. In the women's head immediately bury preprotivnye thought: Who will he wash them? And if he is not messed up something?

Selection:in any case not smooth and textured, "fat" tissue, may not be pure white, and with a splash. Be sure to try on a swimsuit wet - not too shine? Or you do and want?

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