Club style clothes

Club style clothes
 History club fashion began its development since the late 50's - early 60-ies. Style of dress, which is directly connected with the dance culture, attracted the attention of many designers. Club theme appeared in Calvin Klein collections (Calvin Clain), Donna Karan (Donna Karan) and Tom Ford (Tom Ford). That also includes the concept of club style?

Style name speaks for itself, pointing to his appointment - is clothing for communication, relaxation and entertainment. The main purpose of these outfits - identify its owner from the crowd, make it attractive and perceptible. Therefore club clothes must be fashionable, bright and does not restrict movement.

It was at the club welcomes the frank and sexy outfits that allow us to demonstrate beautiful breasts and legs, slender figure. On the dance floor will be appropriate short dress with bare shoulders.

Another option club clothes - a combination of mini-skirts and shiny stamp with an open back. Complete your look unusual and bright accessories. In addition, it will be very easy to dance in the set, consisting of a top, embroidered with sequins and tight narrow leg trousers. Complete the outfit with silver or gold sandals with high heels.

Also this season is very important little bright dress. Put transparent black gloves to the elbow and take the glamorous handbag. So your image will be complete. Still popular chiffon dress with a high waistline and corset and cocktail dress. This club clothes should be worn at special events such as corporate parties, visiting the casino or the prestigious nightclub.

Sophistication extravagance or give your outfit fabric: taffeta, velvet, chiffon and silk. Note that more than your dress open top, the more it should be closed at the bottom and vice versa.

Club style is good because it allows you to experiment, to combine original outfits and accessories to create your own individual and unique style, so you will look glamorous and stylish at any party, attracting the admiring glances clubbers.

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