Choose the type of swimsuit figures

Choose the type of swimsuit figures
 Properly selected swimsuit will hide the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity of the figure. There are a number of points that should be considered when choosing.
 For women with small breasts would be best to choose a swimsuit with sealed cups and wide-set straps. Preferred bras closed. You can also get out of the situation of imbalance by dark bottom and light top. For women with this type of breast ideal swimwear with decorative colors and decorations, as well as to the effect of "push-up".

If you have large breasts, choose a top with thick cups. They must maintain good breast, so we prefer underwire bras. You will also go to the One Piece Swimsuits neckline to the waist from behind. The basic rule for you - avoid unnecessarily open bras, as well as those that support the breasts with the help narrow straps, both direct and tied around the neck.

If your waist is poorly expressed, pay attention to the colored swimsuits in the closed style or with a plunging neckline. Suitable color - any, but if you choose a linear pattern or stripes, they should be directed vertically or diagonally. Do not use separate swimwear with a low waist.

In the presence of a small tummy the best option for you to choose fused or separate swimsuit with a strip or linear pattern, directed vertically. You can also use One Piece Swimsuits - you fit swimwear Lycra, as it has a strong sculpting effect, or drape insert. Choose from a number of swimsuits made of brushed fabric - otherwise your tummy will stand out more.

When volume hips follow a simple pattern: Use color for camouflage, especially if you have very bottom stark contrast to the width of a horse. Use a light top and dark bottom. You can also select a coloring with stripes or patterns, directed vertically, but in any case, the bottom should be a couple of shades darker than the top. You will also go swimwear with a wide belt or a skirt. One option would be to consider the type of swimsuit fused with a cut in the shape of a square - in this case visually upper body will seem wider. Avoid bright underscore waist - thin belt and bottom of the light-colored fabric printed with a cross or shorts and a bikini too narrow.

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