5 myths about haircuts and hairstyles

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 Every woman wants her haircut or hair always looked beautiful. But many are mistaken about the structure of their hair, their washing and staining. To keep your hair always looks chic and well-groomed hairstyle, try to dispel the most common myths about them.

Myth 1: The majority of women think that part of cutting hair accelerates their growth. In fact, human hair grows at the rate of 1, 2-1, 7 cm per month. In the summer they can grow a little faster, but from the barber scissors that does not depend. All the matter in hormones, someone hair grow faster, someone slower. Frequent mowing will help you just get rid of split ends, but the rate of growth will not be affected.

Myth 2. Hair coloring seriously damage them. This is nothing more than a delusion. Modern facilities, both for home use and professional, caring contain a sufficient amount of components to not harm the hair. However, if you have not used hair dye, a beauty salon and make a painting there. It may cause damage to the hair properly selected composition, or its incorrect application.

Myth 3. To restore the ends of the hair, it is necessary to choose the "right" means. Actually dissected tip is in no way correct, only Barber Scissors able to deal with a similar problem. However section ends can be prevented. Experts advise to use funds from silicone or beeswax. They create a protective film on the hair and make them more manageable. But this effect is only temporary, combing and hair washing agent is removed.

Myth 4. Combing hair should be at least 100 times a day. In fact, frequent and intensive combing weakens the hair follicles, which can lead to large losses. Combing hair should be long enough to unravel them and tuck or hair done. Favorable than combing affects the condition of the hair scalp massage performed with fingertips.

Myth 5. To be healthy hair, shampoo should be changed regularly. In fact, according to experts, it is not, although it may seem that the use of a new shampoo hair condition has improved. Experts believe that hair is not able to get used to any one shampoo, just some of them are more suited to your hair, while others - less.

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