"100 odezhek" this winter

 Surround the top and bottom of a narrow, furs, "100 odezhek" any binding - the main characters winter season 06/07. In anticipation of the Ural Fashion Week, which will be presented to the season spring-summer 2007, JustMedia decided to find out whether the Urals are ready for the cold. Key fashion trends 2006-2007 is picked in the spring, when the fashion shows were held in all major markets of Russia and the world. Russian Fashion Week, «Defile on the Neva», Ural Fashion Week - on all these catwalks designers presented their new collections.  

Wraps up spring
So, at the height of fashion, as well as in the fall, was the retro style - 40th-80th year. Surround the top and narrow leggings, tights and pants- "second skin" - the main characters of this winter. You can use in your wardrobe wide lace collar or high standing collar, sleeve- "flashlights" sleeves "or sleeve-" bananas "big wide cuffs, loose shoulders, platya-" mushrooms ", yubki-" lanterns "of varying lengths.

Remain popular fur, both artificial and natural. These very well with fur knitted things that are gradually replacing the fabric of the cabinets fashionistas - this season even began to knit suits and coats.
We should also be said about the jeans that are "gone" beneath his boots and "creeping" up at the waist - for the duration of the cold weather, you can forget about the jeans at the hips.

Accessories become more screaming - now "shop" things can be supplemented with "treasures" from my grandmother's trunk. In addition, you should pay attention to the gloves, leggings, which are gradually cease to be a member of only the youth style and roomy bags with embroidery and unusual ornaments.

Color spectrum remained autumn - fashionable combinations of black and white, all shades of gray. With summer at its peak was red, and in the winter has come also with purple ink.

What do designers?
Ural designers from the fashion world standards winter 06 \ 07 not lagging behind. As told JustMedia designer Anna Daminova (brand AmiDami), the main thing in any winter collection - it's easy. "I have actual volume binding, cloth, knitwear. In this winter fashion style space - all shiny, metallic. Also relevant style 80: jeans-pipes, jackets, style glam rock, aerobics. From outerwear worth noting blend cloth with fur - many "store" brands it is, can be found. Jackets not yet out of fashion, "- says Anna.

Designer Lyudmila Pashevich represented her winter collection in the spring. In "my winter" designer put emphasis on negligence, creativity, ethnic identity and historical motifs. In the colors of the collection of actual black. "He never goes out of fashion. In general, black and white - it's a classic that is always in fashion "- says Lyudmila.

The fashion house Lyudmila Pashevich this winter offers ruffles and frills, informal clothes and accessories, but with adjustments for women. Are also relevant to natural silk jackets, pants zhatogo material, with a spectacular gloss. At the top of the clothes just need finishing, embroidery and decoration.

"You can dress full skirt and coat with embroidery. Shops thing can be supplemented by something his own. Bad taste - the taste of it too. It must be invented by the artist, "- said Ms. Pashevich.

The artist himself and offers to be Alexander Ulyanov, designer brands «Anna & Alexandra». In her opinion, it all depends on the individual. "The main thing that was nice. Latest jewelry, furs. Provided, however, that they suit you, "- said Alexander.

And that offer branded stores?

Unfortunately, not all stores have got winter collections. So, for example, in boutiques waits for Stress. These clothes will come this week. Also, there is an assortment of outerwear Steilmann. "There remain coats rabbit, down jackets and coats from previous collections. In addition, while in the shops you can find winter pants, jackets and skirts "- told JustMedia in the store. Style - mostly Russian, dominated by gray tones.

At the same time, by Sisley collection has come together with the autumn, now there are additional delivery. As reported JustMedia in the store, the base color and gray of winter. Great emphasis is placed on the English style and the style of "100 odezhek." In addition, well presented retro 40s-80s - surround the top and narrow bottom. Knitwear further displace tissue. We now offer even knitted skirts and coats.

Miss Sixty designers also have focused on the gray and tried to meet all the needs of this winter. The shops are widely represented knitwear - from the finest jersey to volume hand-knitted. The range contains both tight sweaters and cardigans volume, which is recommended to wear with skinny pants, leggings or jeans.

As noted in a conversation with JustMedia Bayer brand Miss Sixty Olesya Novoselov, current English style is represented in the "cozy" fabric - suede and corduroy. In addition, there are shops pants, capri pants, short skirts in a cage and tweeds.

From ultra-feminine look this season goes "Stilissimo." The main element - layering clothes and focus on the tights and stockings. "Fashion is gradually moving from Dolce & Gabanna, and Armani to Stella Maccartni. The tendency returns to sleeves to the elbow and long gloves. Fashion is on natural materials, leather, fur. But the fur is not the main thing this year, priority is given to the cut. Cut outerwear - the main direction in the winter collection, "- noted in conversation with representatives JustMedia" Stilissimo. "

Youth trend

Shop Italian youth clothing «Terranova & Calliope» in the shopping center "Assumption" sells winter collection since October. Inexpensive Italian clothes quickly relished youth capital of the Urals. In «Terranova» more than 20 separate collections for different countries. This year, designers have tried and brought «Terranova-Russian". In winter collection already contains the kind of thing the wayside left open shirts and light jackets, which did not correspond to the changeable weather Urals. The very same collection is sustained in the traditional Italian brand spirit - lots of decor and folk elements. The Russian collection root note sets the "cowboy", "rustic" style. This warm sweater with a national ornament, jeans all variations, high boots. Colors - blue, gray, bright red, a lot of brown and, in general, a lot of warm, caressing glance shades that can warm the cold winter Ural. Lots of natural fur. In the evening, New Year's version dominates black and lace.