Together or separately? Choosing a swimsuit

Together or separately? Choosing a swimsuit
 The choice of swimwear is huge. For every taste and any shape. Any color and style. This beach attire may be conjoint or separate. But not necessarily limited to one swimsuit in the locker room. The main thing is that it is perfect for you and highlights your beauty.

Fashion changes, but you need to choose your swimsuit on the figure. Your task is to help the swimsuit profitable to emphasize the dignity and skillfully hide the flaws.

If you have a petite breasts, you'll like separate swimsuit with decoration on the chest. It can be lace, ruffles, embroidery. Best of all - a cup underwire and with additional foam inserts in the cup. Fragile lovers will appreciate the beautiful tan gang. This separate swimsuit strapless. This model has special straps that secure the bodice at the correct height, and enable growth, enlarges the chest.

If you are the owner of magnificent forms the contrary, the cup swimsuit must be tight to securely support the breast and give it a nice shape. In this swimsuit can be both together, and separately. V-neck is ideal for large breasts. Good and swimwear with the smell, creating a diagonal line across his chest, distracting attention to the waist line.

In recent years, came into vogue model tankini. This swimsuit is composed of panties and stamp reaching the waistline or even to the thighs. Of course, a tankini will not be able to sunbathe, but cups with push-up effect will accentuate the beauty of your bust and waist somewhat reduce problematic.

Full ladies in any case can not be selected in close swimsuit. With its central location Piece Swimsuits muted shades of matte fabrics. If this swimsuit has a cut on the hips, he visually lengthen the leg. If there are inserts Waist stomach, it's wonderful. Pattern on a bathing suit should be the vertical direction. Fabric in any case should not be shiny.

If your neck is a bit short, then give preference swimsuit with a deep V-neck.

If enough long legs - help out high-cut on the hips. But only if the full thigh. Himself swimsuit must be continuous with the vertical patterns. But bikini panties only exacerbate disadvantage. Avoid pants with a low-slung waist. Panties, shorts also visually shorten the leg and make the shape "square".

Owners of full hips should pay attention to swimsuit consisting of a brighter top and bottom are solid. emphasize the waist line in this case is not worth it. Good diagonal pattern. Will hide the fault and leotard with a skirt. Behind swimsuit must fully cover the buttocks.

And if on the contrary narrow hips, choose a model with decorative trim the bottom of the swimsuit.

If a bit short waist - bikini is not your option. He will only accentuate this problem. One Piece Swimsuits with vertical stripes, vertical multi-colored inserts. And do not stress waistline cross strips or belts.

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