The truth about trousers with low waist

The truth about trousers with low waist
 Once came into fashion, pants with low waist firmly entrenched in the wardrobes of many girls. Moreover, at times to find a model with a normal landing becomes difficult. However, not all fashionistas know about popular trousers.  
 Probably the girl suffering from fatty deposits in the abdomen and thighs, and do not be able to say at what point the body began to accumulate in these areas "ballast". Meanwhile, it may not be bad heredity. Remember when you bought your first jeans with low waist. It is these pants can give a similar effect, especially if you have a sedentary job. They overtighten the body, cutting into the delicate skin and the body begins to protect itself from damage, accumulating fat in these places. Abandoning these pants, you are in a year figure will return to its previous state.

If you decide to save money and bought the pants on the cheap, poor-quality fabric in close contact with the skin can cause allergic reactions or a fungus. If you found the body after stimulation socks brand new trousers, boil them for an hour and iron on the reverse side.

However, doctors do not need to completely abandon trousers with low waist. It will be enough if you're not going to wear this model constantly, and will rotate them with trousers with high seating and skirts.

Some fashionistas care and aesthetic side of the issue. Probably, everyone had seen the streets full of girls in jeans with a low-slung, from which you can see the underwear, and on the sides are not very picturesquely situated fat. Please be aware that this model does not fit all.

Best of all, it looks on the girls with high waist, as well as the type of ladies figure "pear". Choosing a low-slung pants, make sure that you buy your size. Under pants with low waist and a corresponding need to buy underwear with low-slung. If you want to follow the example of celebrities, jeans that slide to the middle of the buttocks, revealing thong, keep in mind that they are not wearing ordinary underwear. This special truisiki provided for wearing trousers with a low waist, they are decorated with intricate patterns, embroidery, sequins and even diamonds.

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