New Year in the White

New Year in the White
 Clothing white looks very elegant, it is not only adorns a woman, but also helps to tune in to a positive, which is very handy for the New Year. Therefore, choosing white, you will emphasize its beauty and femininity, but also positive energy for the whole next year.

If you choose to celebrate the New Year in a white dress, do not miss an important point: the white color visually adds volume. Therefore take account of their shape when choosing clothes white. If you want to visually enlarge the breast volume, choose white top - a nice blouse or tunic. Luxury white skirt, on the contrary, will focus on the thigh.

Do not forget about jewelry, they will give all manner of conviviality. To the white suit products along a variety of colors and shapes. Especially look good jewelry from natural materials - ivory, clear stones. Ideal for white things in white gold jewelry.

Festive makeup you can choose lyuboy- subtle or bright, white color will look good, and the first and second option. For white clothes fit warm, neutral and cool tones. Therefore, it remains only to make the right choices to match your image as a whole.

The same goes for a manicure, it must be in harmony with accessories, makeup, dress themselves. If you prefer bright decorations, manicure can be more relaxed, and vice versa, if the focus is on the nails, it is better not to stop massive, flashy jewelry. Otherwise the image will be overloaded, and about you can think that you compete with a Christmas tree.

Do not forget about age. Women over forty preferable to choose warm colors, such as milk. Blinding white outfits better to wear women younger and flawless figure.

Generally considered the king of white color, it is associated with all lovely and clean. Preferring white clothes, like you are entering into a new time for yourself, which is very symbolic during the New Year.

A woman in a white dress looks mysterious and attractive, and it should use a magic New Year's Eve.

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