Men's style in women's clothing

Men's style in women's clothing
 If things change slightly from the male wardrobe, you can buy quite sexy and attractive appearance that like the stronger sex. Men in women's clothing items make the puzzle element, forcing the men to solve it.  
 It is believed that the male style appeared in women's clothing thanks to the development of male professions, but maybe it was just a pretext to get into the psychology of men, because women are naturally very inquisitive.

In the early 20th century, only the most courageous among the fair sex has succeeded in promoting the masculine style in fashion. It is worth remembering in this regard, Marlene Dietrich or Coco Chanel. It Marlene considered the most mysterious and seductive actress of all time, still her personality is controversial among connoisseurs of female beauty and sexuality hidden. As flamboyant costumes she wore chic masculine cut, using accessories such as additions from the male wardrobe like a hat, shirt or tie.

The new millennium was marked by the emergence of fashion trends as glamor combined with femininity and romanticism, but held out for a long time, this style is rather tired. Modern design exhibit shows such as fashion trends like man, which means "like a man". The clothes girls clearly visible parts of the male wardrobe, for example, a new form of jeans, slightly hanging in the figure. They are called "boyfriend jeans", and it looks like their popularity will grow further.

Office style women's clothing has long been bought "male" traits. Many ladies have purchased pantsuit and pencil skirt, making them the basis of his wardrobe. Such clothing looks on the one hand severely, and the other - very elegant. Vest is a continuation of men's style. Without this element of clothing is difficult to imagine a multi-layer combination, made in different styles, from tight-fitting vest with classic trousers and jacket to vest over a loose-fitting T-shirt combined with jeans.

One of the most fashionable accessories for both men and women, there is a tie. Buy a special tie to women - not a problem, but most of the ladies still choose classics of the genre - Men's Tie, despite some of his cockiness and aggressiveness.

It would not include people in masculine style in women's clothing, one thing is certain - he has a future.

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