How to wear a fur coat

How to wear a fur coat
 Fur coat - the object of desire of almost all women. This is a beautiful and practical outerwear, which historically was a wardrobe residents of Russia. This was facilitated by our cold winters.
 Currently on the market models of fur coats, tailored to different age groups and preferences. There are short, which are more suitable for young girls. But the classic long coat prefer more mature women. But fashion is capricious and unpredictable. In addition, long coats are simply impractical for avtolyubitelnits - floors interfere comfortable fit behind the wheel.

Considered classic mink coats. Mink fur is beautiful and quite resistant to mechanical stress. Fur coats from rabbit prefer to buy for the children. The fur of this animal is cheaper, but endures all the trials that he falls from small fidgets (snowballs, snow drifts, slides).

The most accessible are the coats Mouton - Sheared and treated with a special compound sheepskin. They are perhaps the most socks and resistant to mechanical stress.

When choosing a coat worth remembering that the most valuable and durable products are from whole skins. The fewer seams on the product, the longer the life. Often low-grade fur manufacturer painted in one tone. Deception is revealed immediately, but after a couple of seasons - shvesch molts and becomes those shades from which it is sewn. Also coat should be soft to the touch in any of its parts: the sleeves, hem, hood or collar.

When wearing a fur coat ladies should remember a few rules. It is not necessary to wear bags on the shoulder - belt a couple of seasons can rub fur. Also, be very careful to use perfume - a combination of flavor and perfume smell skins, of which sewed fur coat, can create a very unpleasant smell. Protect the coat from drying near the battery or other heating device. When storing the thing should be in a special fabric cover and hang in a spacious closet. Naturally, you need to deal with moths.

If you follow the rules of socks and storage, the coat will serve his mistress more than one season!

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