How to make ripped jeans

How to make ripped jeans
 Despite the fact that since the advent of the first jeans already passed many years, their popularity is still high. In addition to the classic versions, there are also very original model. This, for example, ripped jeans, in which interest continues unabated to this day.
 Manufacturing ripped jeans - a kind of art. The main difficulty lies in the fact that is not always possible to find in the store is really interesting model. In that case, if the choice of finished products does not suit you, you can try yourself to turn ordinary jeans torn.

Stock up on everything you need. In addition to jeans, you will need a firm, level surface on which it is convenient to cut the lining out of cardboard or any other dense material, as well as a very sharp knife. Having prepared everything necessary to start manufacturing ripped jeans. First cut of the dense material lining the size of the trousers. This lining will help you make an incision on one side only, and not to spoil the trousers with the other. Put the jeans on a hard, flat surface, carefully straighten the fabric. Then insert the liner into the part of the pant leg, where you plan to make the cut. Make a small incision, and then removing the knife, remove the protruding longitudinal threads. Note: you need to cut across the pant legs, but not along!

Improvise. Make small incisions in such a way that the one located close to each other, and the other - at a considerable distance. Try to avoid the appearance of hanging pieces of fabric: you make stylish jeans instead of rags. Do not forget to delete the longitudinal line, leaving the cross, because thanks to this jeans will look more stylish and glamorous.

Keep doing the cuts until until you are happy with the result. Do not overdo it: torn pieces of cloth and almost entirely torn pant leg, maybe look beautiful on the podium when they demonstrate professional model. However, if you appear in these jeans on the street or in any institution, you just find it vulgar. After finishing work on the first trouser leg, proceed to the second. No need to try to repeat all the cuts - symmetry is unlikely to make your ripped jeans more stylish and original.

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