How to learn to be stylish

How to learn to be stylish
 Style - the ability to create a unique image, to emphasize the advantages and disadvantages of disguise, drawing upon those things that are available to millions of women. Be stylish - is an art that needs to learn.
 Being stylish is not difficult, because it is enough to copy images from the pages of glossy magazines, which were created by professional designers. But the real art in our country is the ability to always and everywhere to be on top, while saving money.

There are some rules to learn how to be stylish without spending significant amounts of money.
Buy clothes in the store that you can afford. It is not necessary to pay for a skirt fabulous sum due to the fact that it is sold in luxury boutiques.

Always wear only what suits you. Often the latest fashions seem absurd, but the mind overcomes the desire to remain at the peak of the wave.

Create your image. It should consist of several components: the fact what you see yourself; of what you see others; what you are; of what you want. Only in clothing that fits your image, you will feel the beauty queen.

Dispose of without the slightest regret that lost its original shape. In order to look stylish, not necessarily to be packed to overflowing wardrobe items. Is useful from time to time to restore order, throw wear and lose form elements wardrobe. This is a better solution than wearing them look tasteless.

For the new season buy no more than three or four items of clothing. Follow the fashion trends. Visit the forums and sites dedicated to the subject. Participate in discussions on the topic of fashion, because in a dispute born truth. All fashion trends every season are summarized in several rules, which is not too difficult, if desired, and observe.

Use accessories. Handbags, belts, earrings, bracelets - they are myriad. But here, you need to develop a sense of proportion. Sometimes a thin chain or necklace original look better than a scattering of diamonds.

Experiment, but do it only when you feel confident expert in various combinations of things, colors and accessories.

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