How to dress full girl

How to dress full girl
 Either way, attention to detail can make any girl attractive and full of girls is no exception.

Selection must start with the selection of clothes underwear. Modern industry offers a corrective underwear for women, in which she feels comfortable and at the same time her figure gets seductive forms. Slimming underwear - it's just a godsend for women suffering that their forms are far from ideal. Body line smoothly adjust the hips, waist and make a neat chest support. In any case, the laundry must be chosen such as to not appear on the torso of folds gum.


Outerwear. The best kind of clothes for full girls dress is. Even wonder why they avoid wearing dresses. Correctly chosen dress can do wonders with your figure!

Silhouette dresses should be polupritalennym, you can just high waist. This dress will hide the tummy and profitable emphasize the chest, which is the main advantage of the full girls.

In order to hide large hips, choose a dress with a flared skirt, pencil skirt below the knee length. This length will help hide the broad lap.

Dress material - is flowing fabrics, elastic and soft. Ideal jersey. The main thing that it was not tight and bright.

Forget the shoulder pads, flounces and ruffles. They further aggravate figure. Necklines better V-shaped or square. This visually lengthen the neck and make thinner upper body.

Emphasize any one piece. This can be a drawing, a belt, or a transparent scarf.


If you - a supporter of the classic costume, choose a dress with vertical stripes. Under the jacket wear the flowing blouse monotonous with the same V-neck.

Useful Tips

Love of self, dazzling smile and confidence in the view will be the best addition to your appearance.

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