How to distinguish between styles

How to distinguish between styles
 To distinguish one style of clothing from another, need to know what fashionable styles exist and what laws are built. In the fashion world known five major classic, sports, folklore, fantasy and avant-garde. They, in turn, are divided into areas, where there is a great variety.
 The specificity of the classical style is restraint and elegance. The decor in the suit is minimized. Clothing has semilying silhouette that gives the figure harmony. In addition to their suits to the classic style can be attributed sweater and plaid pleated skirt - they always remain in vogue, only slightly modified. Tissue, usually wool or tweed species. Of ornaments used strip, cell, peas.

More popularity nowadays becomes "neo-classical" style - mixing elements of classic and fashion trends. Classic style hold business and successful people. From leather accessories suitable closed shoes, briefcases or purses, jewelry minimum.

Sports style - it's easy and free. Its components are inexpensive fabrics, simple design, versatility, comfort, bright colors, buckles and zippers, overhead elements. Clothing is suitable not only for sports, but also for everyday life. It is made of denim, corduroy, leather, cotton, jersey. Characteristic pattern - strip and cage of all sizes in combination with self-colored fabrics. Colours for each direction may be different, for example: Marine style is bright colors, millitari hunting and natural colors, and the city - gray and beige. Cut dress emphasized free, easy-to-move. Of the accessories used comfortable and practical shoes, bags: backpacks or long shoulder strap. Jewellery virtually absent. Sports style chosen by people leading an active life, as well as young people and adolescents.

Elements of folk style used by many fashion designers, but in its pure form it can be seen infrequently. Its special feature is the decor and modeling of cutting various national costumes. In folk style used only ecological materials and colors. Clothing decorated with embroidery, applique, or weaving. Ornaments of beads or colored thread.

Fantasy fashion style is a huge variety of shapes, asymmetry, the complexity of cut and elegant finish, which can be lace, fur, lace. This style is used in the creation of costumes for particular occasions and variety of costumes.

Avant-garde style is popular among young people and is a native protest the traditional style of clothing. Uses unusual items of clothing and accessories. So people prefer to dress creative industries.

When choosing a style, you should never forget the "I": all the components of style should be in harmony with each other.

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