Denim is indispensable

Denim is indispensable
 Denim fabric, whose history began almost at the beginning of our era, is now experiencing a real boom in popularity. This fabric is made of everything. From practical bags to jeans, baseball caps from democratic and shoes to evening dresses.
 It is believed that the history of denim began in the fourth century in Nimes (now France), who was already famous for its durable fabric twill weave. And one of them was called - serge de Nimes, ie "from Nimes." Twill fabric is called the diagonal weave. This tissue was pretty rough, but dense and strong. Believe that Christopher Columbus's ship sails were made of denim.

Traditionally denim dyed in indigo (blue shade), but it is possible denim and other colors. For example, to obtain black denim cotton, the dye is applied, based on the sulfur produced.

The first person to guess sew denim clothing was Levi Strauss, a poor Jewish tailor who thought of manufacturing pants this durable fabric. The first clients were Straus miners and cowboys, then there are those who need the really tight pants and sturdy. But in the mid-twentieth century clothing denim began to carry the whole world. The era of hippies made them popular any other pants.

Over time, the range of products from denim expanded. Began to make jackets, bags, jackets, dresses, tunics, skirts, caps and berets. And wear denim jeans style called, has long ceased to be the prerogative of the poor. On the contrary, the millionaires and movie stars, public figures and politicians willingly include clothing denim to your everyday wardrobe.

Modern textile industry today provides several kinds of denim.

Actually, denim - a dense, rather coarse fabric in which the warp yarns are dyed. If you look at denim inside out, it would be almost painted.

Another type is called denim chambray. This kind of light fabric, which is designed for sewing summer clothes - sundresses, shirts, dresses.

Allocate more Acre-denim - cotton fabric natural color.

Called gin known inexpensive kind of denim. This fabric is characterized by a uniform color and diagonal weave.

The original card companies Wrangler became cloth called a broken twill. This version of the denim, the threads of which are intertwined "herringbone".

Any of a series of denim fabric does not tolerate dry cleaning. Only wash in warm water, and the product is desirable to turn inside out before washing.

Today, clothing made from denim demand than ever. It is good and countryside walks, and for publication. After some well-known designers presented their evening dresses, made of denim.

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