Choose underwear: 7 Ways to seduce him

Choose underwear: 7 Ways to seduce him
 Beautiful nude woman's body can certainly arouse a man, but sometimes elegant and seductive lingerie is much stronger desire. The essence of the garment to cover juicy most attractive part of the female body.
 Classics of the genre

Classic set seductress - a bra, panties and stockings with a belt. Stockings give additional piquancy, besides some men just love to shoot them. Part of this seduction outfit due to the fact that it is associated with the beautiful Frenchwoman passionate lovers.

Seductive gowns - it's wonderful!

Delicate translucent cover negligees body ladies, but at the same time allow the man to see it. This opens up a huge understatement easy space for imagination. Do not forget that the image of Marilyn Monroe, dressed in a robe, which can be seen in the movie "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" some men still find it very tempting.


Superb combination, emphasizing the chest and waist, skinny woman's body like a second skin. Woman putting on her man can not seem to get dressed and undressed at the same time, it looks very sexy. Moreover, properly chosen combination will perfectly emphasize the dignity of the figure.

Openwork kits

Lacy bra and panties, thongs especially very enticing. Linen which will be perfect and the color and size, and even emphasize the beauty of your body, not easy to find. Typically, luxury suites are expensive, but if you want to look like a man in front of his seductive and charming, do not spare money.

Nightgowns for a hot night

Spacious silk nightgowns, reaching to mid-thigh, may be impractical, but they are very attractive. Flowing fabric nice slide under the fingers, and a man can dorisovyvat imagination figure ladies, even when stroking her body.

Panties + bra

An interesting option - a translucent underwear that constitutes a bra and panties, interconnected braids, ribbons, wide strips of cloth and so on. The additional elements cover only a small part of the abdomen or back. This underwear should be easily removable, remember this.

Elegant corsets

Seductive corsets - a great option for those who want to show the beauty of the male waist. We are talking about corsets worn as underwear. Moreover, in some stores you can buy this piece wardrobe, decorated with openwork elements and the like, which makes this even more seductive lingerie.

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