Business style for complete

Business style for complete
 Women with curvaceous today do not have difficulty in choosing dresses - many manufacturers specialize in the production of clothes for larger ladies. Business woman is also possible to pick up a strict ensemble, which also emphasize the dignity of the figure and will look appropriate and stylish.
 Clothes for business women differ by conservative cut, clean lines, minimalist decoration and subdued colors. All of these rules can be attributed to clothing for full ladies. In the slim line dresses and sundresses focuses on the graceful curves, so these garments are best avoided. As an exception, you can try a combination with loose jackets and blazers - some combinations may be successful. Fat women most profitable look in suits - pants and blouse, skirt and shirt, jackets and vests.

Close women should avoid too loose-fitting clothes - trying to hide in the folds of clothing, you will only accentuate imperfections figures and will look sloppy and careless.

Classic Shirts simple cut in thin longitudinal stripes visually "pull" will smooth silhouette and impression of full hands and massive shoulders. Shirt size should be appropriate - the clothes do not fit tightly and should not be too large.

Dark trousers - versatile option for full business woman. Black conceals volume and elongated straight trousers with arrows look quite appropriate and in conjunction with shoes to match lengthen the figure. If the waist is all right, it will be enough trouser belt to accentuate the silhouette. Small tummy can hide behind a wide belt.

Jacket should not be too long - in such models corpulent figure will look slimmer. The ideal length - before the start of the thigh, and the style of the jacket is better to choose a little fitted.

The choice of material for the skirt or pants due to the properties of fabrics - the tighter the better. Thin and knit fabric is better to use for making blouses and tops - with the right choice of the shape (elongated neck, the optimum length, no frills and ruff) such clothing will hide flaws in a tight belly full of arms and nonideal back.

Accessories should be selected under the clothes - it can be small and exquisite decoration geometric shape. Shoes should be on the heel - you add a few inches to the growth and visually lengthen the silhouette. Do not forget to choose stockings and pantyhose - matching shoes.

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