Women's Fashion: Dresses with history

Women's Fashion: Dresses with history
 Made history and in the history of fashion dictated always known personalities. Perfect subtle sense of style to make an unforgettable their fine clothes. Designers from around the world took note and still enjoy the ideas made by these women, and very successful in this.
 The best and most exquisite dresses that are included in the history of fashion, were invented minutely and equally quickly sewn. How did this happen? In different ways, but always interesting. For example, little is known about the dress, who preferred the Egyptian queen. But Elizabeth Taylor costume from the movie 'Cleopatra' dresses up for an idea of ​​those times.

Bright scene from the movie, when Taylor Cleopatra enters Rome on a luxurious throne platform, the actress made an icon of Hollywood-style. Since then, almost 50 years have passed, and a beautiful dress actress, consisting of 24-carat gold plates, to this day at the Museum of Hollywood, and at official receptions, parties, celebrations has consistently appears someone dressed as a la Cleopatra.

Chanel little black dress - not just a dress, and a brilliant gift for all time. Once she came up with it for themselves, to express sorrow for his deceased loved one - Boy Capel. Otherwise show their feelings she could not because they were in the status of a mistress. And now, almost a century, it is listed in the must-have of any season, and ladies, formerly called his casus and misunderstandings gladly line up for a fitting.

On impeccable taste wife of Napoleon Bonaparte were equal in the old days all the people of France. Dress Josephine, photos were published all fashion magazines, disseminated throughout Europe. This mode is easily recognizable by theatrical costume: high waist, low neckline, curl ... This style of women prefer to dress for a wedding or prom.

Wedding dress of Diana of Wales in fashion history occupies a special niche. Since the activities for which they sewed outfit, has been more than 30 years, and style is still relevant. The creation of dress designers have used 37 meters of silk taffeta ivory and pearl beads and gold tinsel needlewoman sewn by hand. Led process fashion designer - Elizabeth Emanuel. She claimed that she sewed three different dresses, just in case one of them gets to the press before the wedding celebration. But actually outfit was in a single copy, which sewed about six months, it came out of the princess carriage in front of St. Paul's Cathedral.

A copy of the dress appeared in the London shops almost next morning. The mod was actually buy wedding dresses with patch shoulders and lace champagne color. 16 years later, American businessman bought a dress for 36 thousand dollars. The man expressed his desire to cut a dress 4 million pieces and sell each for $ 25 apiece. But it turned out to be a joke.

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