What to wear to a corporate New Year

What to wear to a corporate New Year
 Choosing a costume for a corporate party, it should be remembered that the event is not a family, so anxious person's career can not drastically change the image in the direction of obsessive sexuality and swagger. It is these errors, according to leading designers, cause shock and resentment among colleagues, which could negatively affect future career.
 To celebrate the coming year with colleagues girls and women better to wear Spangled elegant cocktail or evening dress with a neckline. At the same time, ensure that the festive image of a business woman was not frivolous, because informal events such excesses in clothes as candid mini or deep cuts may hurt its image.

Choosing an evening dress, do not forget about the merits of the figure as well as its shortcomings. Sometimes a deep cut on the back of more attractive than the neck, shoulders and opening "American" armhole soften angular shape. Well-chosen corset visually simulates the shape of the waist and chest, and easy draping folds help add volume to the hips. Look taller and slimmer woman of small stature will dress with diagonal lines cut and oblique bottom. Complement the festive attire can be expensive jewelry, a little shiny handbag, high heels and ornaments from the Christmas tree tinsel. Stylish addition will also be a New Year's apparel bolero or cape.

Men on the corporate on the occasion of the New Year can wear decent suit and shirt bright colors. The presence of a tie optional, but if a man is wearing a coat, in this case, the ensemble must be supplemented by a butterfly. Such a standard form for the programmer clothing, such as jeans and a sweater, also suitable for the New Year celebration in a circle of colleagues.

Management should provide early warning of its employees permissible to celebrate the New Year uniforms. Often at this kind of event, employees can choose clothes from several authorized superiors of styles, such as business, conventional, formal, holiday or everyday. It happens that the corporate parties arrange a carnival-style, in this case, such an event can be put on festive fancy or flamboyant carnival costume.

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