Vintage - the best from the past

Vintage - the best from the past
 Everything is new - it is well forgotten old. Modern fashion is cyclical, it allows you to use things which were popular decades ago, and still look stylish and original.
 Dress in vintage style is not so simple as it might seem at first glance. Vintage are those things that have been created between the sixties and eighties. All that was created earlier, refers to the retro style. Vintage style includes only those items and accessories that were fashionable in the era to which they belong. If a dress or blouse you are having persistent association with a particular country and the time - it's vintage. Boring casual skirt vyuzhennaya from my grandmother's closet, not fit into your image.

Psevdovintazh - this is what can be seen on the shelves of clothes. Things are made in a style that was fashionable thirty or forty years ago, the tissue artificially aged, with faded and worn effect. Untrained eye does not detect the difference, but true connoisseurs stubbornly reject these stores, preferring to find new things for her wardrobe in my grandmother's trunk, and various flea markets. In recent years, Russia began to appear the stores that sell clothing, shoes, accessories, as well as a variety of home furnishings in vintage style.

Most of the old things require restoration and fitting on a figure. Whatever may be the unique found your clothes, if it is bad for you to sit around you suspect a shortage of funds, and not the love of fashionable styles.

It is not forbidden to combine vintage and modern things - because of this you can get a very interesting effect. The best assistant in the creation of your image in vintage style, or using its elements will be your sense of proportion. It will help you understand it, you are dressed stylishly, or ridiculous. Must combine everything from the print blouse to form a bottle of perfume.

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