Stylish images for the winter

Stylish images for the winter
 Winter in our latitudes difficult test. Snow, frost, wind - all thirty three "pleasure". But that's no reason to turn the winter into a shapeless figure, since today there is every opportunity to take care not only about their own warmth and style but its winter image.
 Start by choosing clothes. For winter it should be sewn from natural fibers such as cotton and linen, these materials hold heat better than any synthetics. For additional insulation as the rest of the women are perfect tight tights with the addition of cotton, wool and elastane. They keep their shape very well, allow to look stylish even in extreme cold.

Winter is a great option tightly woven clothing - velvet, wool, tweed. These fabrics have excellent thermal insulation properties, and things of them are elegant and do not hold down movements. Clothing from knitwear - another great option for our winters. Long skirts, tunics, turtlenecks of knitted fabric will allow you to maintain the elegance of winter and not freeze.

Cashmere sweaters are good all - warm, beautiful, but a little fuller. So, choosing cashmere thing, think about how your waist will look into it.

In winter, it is possible to wear a dress or even a jacket with short sleeves. Multi-layered clothing - is back in fashion. Pry under a dress or a thin wool knit turtleneck - and you are not afraid of the cold. Cardigans, knitted sweaters long - another way to insulate themselves without sacrificing appearance.

Outdoor coats are ideal. Modern products have fine suede tanning, almost full and look incredibly stylish. Artificial and natural fur - also give elegance to any woman. Many coats today are worn with a belt to emphasize the figure and give you harmony.

It is not necessary to abandon the winter of bright colors. This is because, when ink is missing, and the heat of the sun. Offset this lack of his white coat, red hues accessories such as boots or gloves. Risk and add a short coat leggings bold colors, such as leopard print. And the heat, and exotic!

Do not give up on hats, winter is not like our European. Just pick it up so that it keeps your ears warm and suited to your type of person. Fur and knitted hats, velvet beret, feather scarves - the choice is very wide.

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