Social etiquette in clothes

Social etiquette in clothes
 Social etiquette requires not only high culture of communication, but also certain requirements for the appearance. If you are invited to a reception in the invitation is sure to be given not only the time of arrival, and uniforms.

Appearance at official receptions at all times attached great importance, and social etiquette in clothes is very conservative and strict. So, if the dress code is indicated in the invitation, then the military parade wearing military uniforms and civilians - evening suits. In this case, women should be dressed in cocktail or evening dresses, and men - in a tuxedo, suit or formal suit.

The most detailed and comprehensive etiquette clothes - for women, namely because of the large variety of models evening dresses. On the secular techniques necessary to choose clothes simple and classic lines, avoiding bright and variegated colors.

The reception hosted for the day, it is recommended to wear dresses usual length, but not too short, or suits, as well as a neat hat. And the hat throughout the reception should not be removed.

At the celebrations, which take place in the evening, wear exclusively evening dresses. With an evening dress can not wear hats and gloves. But on the techniques that begin to seven o'clock in the evening to be highly relevant silk or kid gloves. During the meal for breakfast, lunch or an early dinner to take off your gloves. But if listeners are only drinks and snacks, they can not be removed. The length of the gloves depends on the long-sleeved dress, and in this case the working principle: the longer sleeve dress, the gloves should be shorter, and vice versa.

In the matter of social etiquette jewelry is not as strict and most important condition is the compliance measures. Chosen decorations must integrate harmoniously with the style and fabric of the dress or suit, do not look too flashy or vulgar. For classical models of evening dresses should not be selected contemporary or abstract decoration. Accessories and attire must be made in the same style.

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