Selecting a bathing suit from the beginning to the subtleties

Selecting a bathing suit from the beginning to the subtleties
 With the arrival of spring every girl worried about the most important question: how to choose the perfect swimsuit. After all, you always want to look perfect, and especially on the beach. How perfect to emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide flaws?

Swimsuit must be not only trendy, but also perfect fit for your particular figure.
If you have full hips, it is necessary to visually reduce them. It can only make a swimsuit with a deep square neck, which is slightly like to expand shoulders. Well, if it is with a plain dark bottom and bright top. On such a figure would look good as panties shorts.

When too wide waist, it is better to acquire a solid dark color swimsuit or with vertical stripes. Do not choose separate bathing suits with shorts too low.

If you think that you have a large chest, then do not choose swimwear thin spaghetti straps and low-cut back. To keep the proportions, buy a swimsuit with a dark colored top and bottom. And if you are, on the contrary, want to further emphasize the chest, choose a swimsuit with black or underwire cups.

If you do not have time to leave to lose weight, then hide your tummy will help swimsuit with vertical and draped below the waist. Save the situation as a model with side panels.
If your figure looks a little edgy, then, in any case, do not purchase plain swimwear without any patterns. Here, on the contrary, it is necessary to use a shiny fabric, various patterns and big deep cuts.

If you do not have enough long neck, pick strapless swimwear with a V-neck. They hide this shortcoming.

When choosing a swimsuit must pay attention to its color. Large women suit shades of dark blue, brown, burgundy. Shiny suit female slender and tall.

Separate swimsuit worth buying if you have a good figure, which he further underline. But obese women should look closely just to solid. You can pick up with special inserts that will reduce the stomach.

An important factor when choosing a swimsuit - its price. Of course, you should understand that good swimsuits are not cheap. But the quality deserves. Better to take a really good quality swimsuit and, even more expensive, but feel it irresistible

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