New Year in a new style

New Year in a new style
 There is a tradition when to celebrate the New Year made to wear something new. What if completely change their image and will appear at the festival in a new style? Such a transformation will surprise and delight your loved ones.
 It is worth to mention that it is hardly necessary to radically change their appearance and move on to something extreme - do not know how it will accept your family. And constantly have this image in the new year will not work. Therefore, it will be enough to transform your hair a little, maybe a haircut and hair color change. It is also worth to buy a new, unusual for you, and a set of clothes to work on her makeup.

Start by assessing your appearance and think about what style of dress you more drawn now, what style would like to have, and what might please your loved ones. Pay attention to all, do not forget about the little things. Rate your wardrobe, hair, makeup, manicure, and think about how you want to transform.

After that, work on your hair. If you have long hair, you can change the shape of a hairstyle. For example, if you've worn them away in a braid or a tail, just to dissolve them, make beautiful curly hair, and you're already at this stage will be able to see how your appearance transformed. If you are so constantly go with her hair, try to collect them in her hair, do a variety of spikes, place them in a new way. You can also experiment with hair color, adjust the shape of a hairstyle, bangs change.

If you have short hair, you can try a little change its shape, to come up with new styling, which will be used by small romantic decoration, or to change the color of the hair. Also in beauty salons you can offer to make building, but it is quite an expensive procedure.

Pick a new hairstyle suitable clothing. If your image turns romantic, but before you wore business or sports style, try to wear long evening dress of light flowing fabric that accentuate your graceful silhouette. If your loved ones, on the contrary, are used to seeing you in dresses and skirts, pick up a nice pantsuit and top. Make sure that the wardrobe to fit your new image and do not be afraid to change. Please note that for New Year's celebrations clothes should look elegant. Complete set of small ornaments and accessories.

Rate the usual make-up for you and think about how you can change it. Try to pick up new shades, use shiny or pearly shade that are well suited for a celebratory dinner. If you used to do bright makeup, change it to a more soft and natural. If you have not used before virtually cosmetics - try to enhance the beauty of your face using a saturated and deep colors.

Do not be afraid to change, and then you can pick up a new style that will appreciate your family and friends.

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