How to wear leggings

How to wear leggings
 Fashionable women leggings got not just as a beautiful accessory. They were worn by soldiers to protect your feet from the cold, and leggings made of leather. Who is this article of clothing is made mainly of knitwear - large knitted wool, thin dense openwork or acrylic.
 Leggings large volume mating is better to wear complete with hats, scarves, mittens high of the same type. Or paired with a knit dress, sweater or cardigan. Things should be the same color and material.

Good looks with high socks mini dress. If your dress is not warm and can be worn on top of him or knitted fur vest with a belt. The same leggings can be worn in different ways - from stretched at full length to sosborennyh ankle. Therefore, choose a method based on the characteristics of the legs or form, depending on the clothes, which will wear them.

Winter leggings wear with leggings or tights tight. Figure vertical orientation will make your legs longer, and with a horizontal stripe - wider. Leggings can help you close the unprotected part of the leg between the breeches and boots.

Boots variety (with a heel, without a heel, platform) look great with leggings. Usually strip gaiters looks out the boots were 10-20 centimeters. You can wear them over and boots down at heel. This pair pick up in one color, but you can, if you choose this way of putting on shoes and socks contrasting colors.

Shoes with heels or boots in combination with leggings look very stylish autumn and spring, when there or not too warm. In this case, lower the socks almost to the bottom of the heel and wear them with shorts and skirts. Complete with sneakers and running shoes you get a sporty style or the style of casual.

Comfortable leggings in a campaign or a training session at the gym - they are warm and maintain muscle. Lively colored socks on your feet will give tanned surrounding shred of joy and aesthetic pleasure. This is very relevant article of clothing on winter walk - from sledging down the hills to ski and snowboard.

Cool evening at home, wear soft cozy socks and warm slippers - you'll immediately get warm!

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