How to sew a jacket

How to sew a jacket
 Jacket - a universal thing that allows a woman to not only emphasize your personal style, but also warms the cool weather. Sew the jacket is desirable to use the material, keep in shape, but for its insulation - quilted lining.
 Select to light jacket of jacket fabric, doubled volyumenflizom, and cutting out and lining fabric two parts medial and lateral parts of shelves and back. Then make two front and rear halves of the sleeves, two podborta, collar and facings back neckline.

Sew the sides of the shelves to the middle. Recent defer relief along the seams. Follow sewing slit pockets. To this end, over the lines zipper burlap impose one on the shelf and pin. On the wrong side of these lines forming a rectangle, run line. Cut along the ledge and burlap between the seams. Pull the burlap to the wrong side and sweeps, priutyuzhte pocket. Place a zipper at the entrance to the pocket, and then baste so that the teeth were visible. Sew the edge. Cover with a pocket on the back with the second sacking and Stitch sections.

Perform on the back of the middle and seams. Zautyuzhte middle seam allowances to one side, and relief - towards the middle of the seam. Defer the middle of the back along the seams. Sew the product at the shoulders and sides. Piping sewn to back neckline podbortam.

Sew sleeves. Their rear halves defer along the seams. If sleeveless jacket you want to cuff, do so at this stage. Sew them to the outlet sleeve razutyuzhte allowances. Perform bottom seam sleeves, leaving the incision open. Fold the cuff in half along the fold line and Sew short cuts on the ends. Baste edges of the cut under the zipper. The inner half of the cuff to sew ribbon zipper and topstitch along the edges of the cut.

Stitch sleeves. In the neck of the jacket Sew collar. Stitch a detachable zipper. Follow the seams on the details of the pad, which is then sewn to the basic design of the product.

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