How to paint a t-shirt

How to paint a t-shirt
 Plain white t-shirt can be bright and unique, to use aniline dyes of different colors. And if you twist the product assembly or roll up like an accordion, get an interesting fantasy figure. Come up with their own ways of folding T-shirts to surprise the result of themselves and their loved ones.
 Carefully read the instructions, which is attached to the bag with dye. Determine the ratio of weight to the weight of things painted powder. Weigh-shirt and see a lot of coloring composition. One teaspoon of the dye contained 5 g, the amount is sufficient to 50-70 g of tissue. You will have a rich vibrant color. Shade of medium intensity decorate your shirt using five grams of dye per 150 g jersey. For light pastel colors of the product must weigh 800 g

To get exactly the color you want, make a test paint and record the result. If you want to continue to work on improving color products, save test pieces of fabric and pin them to the recipe.

Before work wash t-shirt, dirt and grease will prevent the color quality. Shake thing to straighten the wrinkles and creases. Dissolve the selected dye for fabrics in hot water, pour about 0.5 liters. Strain solution through a filter coffee or filter paper.

Better take enameled ware. The water temperature should be around 90C. Time staining found in the instructions, but usually - 20-30 minutes.

In the container where you are going to paint the product, pour hot water. It should be enough to fully shirt plunged into it. Add the water solution of aniline dye, dip to the same jersey. Stir the solution and turn the product constantly to avoid surfaced areas. To do this, take a clean wooden spoon without painting or steel with a long handle.

Following the instructions, add a solution of acetic acid or a salt thereof. These dye substances expel water from the fabric. The more salt you take, the darker and richer get a new color shirts. The number of its possible to reach 100% of the weight of the material. Divide the salt into four equal parts and add gently stirring the solution. The break between the parts should be 3-5 minutes.

Observe the color of dye solution when it becomes lighter, your work will come to an end. Remove the T-shirt of the basin, press and rinse in warm water as long as it does not stop shedding. Dilute acetic acid: half cup of vinegar to a bucket of water. Rinse the product in this solution to fix the result. Put the shirt on a hanger and hang to dry.

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