How to dress thin

How to dress thin
 Most often women dream to lose weight to wear the clothes you want. However, there is the opposite problem - too little weight. Skinny girls also suffer the problem - what to wear to hide small breasts, thin arms and legs and protruding ribs. How do you properly dressed, being thin?
 Thin woman will look like a complete multi-wear. T-shirt, shirt or blouse, sweater or jacket - this is an example of such a "cabbage" method. You can choose a variety of combinations that look very interesting. For example, casual fashion trend suggests it is layered. By the way, it not only helps to achieve the effect of completeness, but also provides protection against the cold.

Give volume may different thingies and waves. If you are not a fan of the romantic style, try using clothes from bulk tissue, for example, always trendy velvet or corduroy. Thin women should forget about clothing with spandex - things like that stick to the body, emphasizing the protruding blades and sharp knees.

There is a common misconception: black slim. This is not quite true. Dark clothing, which is picked up correctly, will not emphasize thinness. Many ladies are buying only bright and whites to appear fuller. It's boring! It is better to choose things with a large figure, in a cage in a horizontal strip. Properly selected design can work wonders and visually increase the volume. If your figure is very thin, wearing bell-bottomed trousers, skirts, trapeze, loose blouses and shirts, sweaters and dresses with cut-out in the form of boat.

Hide thinness under very loose clothing is unlikely. You can achieve the opposite result - you will look as if they borrowed things from someone who is fatter you and your addition will seem even more fragile.

With any weight can look stylish and elegant. Look for what is right for you, often look in the mirror, and not only at home but also in the street, in a store. Watch the famous people of your complexion and remember the best ideas in their wardrobe. Do not hesitate to consult with friends. In thinness is nothing reprehensible. Believe me, many of you are just jealous!

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