How to choose trousers

How to choose trousers
 Pants have become an integral part of the female wardrobe, and sometimes they even squeezed dresses and skirts. But they are not easy to choose, as they are able to show those figure flaws that women try to hide, to describe all unsightly bulges or emphasize the disproportionate addition. But this does not mean that from the trousers should be abandoned.
 First, you need to determine what you need pants - to work, outdoor recreation, hike to a party or for the home. To work appropriately classic cut trousers, gray or dark tones, which could easily pick up a variety of blouses, shirts, sweaters.

If the pants are needed for a picnic or to wear at home, the main selection criteria must be practicality and convenience. Trousers for parties can reflect all the latest fashion trends and to be the most extravagant. For whatever purpose your pants were not intended, they must meet the main requirement: excellent fits your size. And, of course, do not throw it is very clear challenge to his age. If you're a little behind ... wear youth models, at least undignified.

In any case, do not get involved trousers that are highly adhesive qualities hips, narrower or too baggy. Do not think that if you buy pants one size larger than normal, it will hide other flaws or completeness of the figure. Firstly, these pants visually make your legs shorter and, secondly, the folds and creases that are sure, only draw attention to the shortcomings. Also, of course, do not take a size smaller pants, hoping to lose weight. Unfortunately, most such calculations are not justified.

What to do if your settings do not fit into the standard Hollywood? Just do not give up very easy and always the right wardrobe items. It is better to think about what style trousers and their color can suit you the most.

If you have "extra" bulge, you should not buy pants that are made from soft materials. The material should keep the shape and "pull" figure. If you stand by short stature, choose classic dark trousers. Lengthen the leg and flared trousers and pants with vertical stripes. Those who have a long torso and short legs should choose a model with an average landing.

Pay attention to the quality pants. Put them at the seams - asymmetry or different length leg, wrinkles or distortions are not allowed. Qualitatively, tailored pants should sit perfectly on you. In addition to a long time they were worn and remain attractive, trousers should be sewn from a good fabric. Of course, if you are not an expert, it is unlikely to be able to identify high-quality fabric, but at least it should be pleasant to the touch and have no obvious defects. Inspect the seams well, handling, buttons and zippers - everything has to be sewn and stitched quality. And last - note the presence of branded labels, spare buttons and a piece of cloth. Good manufacturers such trifles do not miss.

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