How to choose a versatile wardrobe

How to choose a versatile wardrobe
 Closet women - a subject for heated debate and reflection. That it something is missing, then it seems too large. Selection of a universal, for all occasions, become a solution to these problems.
 Universal wardrobe is a collection of garments, which in various combinations can be worn to any event at different times of day. Its creation does not occur immediately, usually with new developments in life have to expand a list of needed items. Start collecting a wardrobe worth with the acquisition of the basic things that will form the basis of your images.

The basic wardrobe must necessarily enter skirt. Choose a neutral color (black, gray, dark blue), the classic style and length just below the knee. It could be your ally and at work, and going to the restaurant.

Classic suit consisting of trousers and jacket, too, must be a neutral color. His presence will make your image more diverse, because the two components can be worn not only together, but separately.

Two sweaters come in handy in many situations. They must be of high quality, differ not only in color but also in the form of cut. For example, one round, the other - with triangular.

The basic wardrobe must include blouses either white or another color light shade. One of them has to be long, and the other - with short sleeves.

Another thing, without which it is impossible to do self-respecting woman - dress. His style should be suitable for all situations. For example, the dress is put in black or dark gray.

Jeans come in handy for walking and non-business meetings. They should fit your body type and be of good quality. A pair of them can make the top or T-shirt, which should be a few.

Cardigan is useful for the cooler seasons, it can be worn as a blouse and trousers, and with the dress. Choose a neutral color, but not the classic (eg, olive or marsh).

The final element - tracksuit for outdoor activities and trips into the forest.

Shoes, part of the wardrobe, a court shoes, boots, medium length heeled sneakers and ballet flats.

These things come in a basic wardrobe. In order to make it a versatile, add a few items that define any fashion trend and thereby create your style. In addition, these things should not be attributed to just one fashionable season.

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