How to choose a push-up

How to choose a push-up
 Beautiful female breast appreciated at all times. Of course, beauty standards are constantly changing, but now your breast size does not matter. Much higher than the value attached to its form and fit. Be very small breasts or very lush, more importantly, that it looked neat.

Unfortunately, for some reason it may be impossible to maintain the chest in the same form. The reasons for this phenomenon are very different - with age weakened chest muscles and can no longer support the breasts, as before, for example. Also, it may contribute to pregnancy and breastfeeding.

There are several ways to solve this problem, including plastic surgery. Of course, such extreme measures to agree not every woman. Another way - enhanced training of the pectoral muscles. This is perhaps the most useful way, but the fact is that, for example, postpartum exercise may be contraindicated, moreover, it is a fairly lengthy process.

And if beautiful breasts need here and now? There is only one way - a bra with lifting effect. These bras are called push-up or push-up. These bras fit and women who want to visually enlarge small breasts - they will give an additional breast volume. But for large breasts, a third the size and more push-up is needed to support it and give a beautiful shape.

When choosing a push-up, remember that they are very different - with and without straps, with seeds and seedless, with different types of fillers. You need to pick them up according to your anatomical features.

Be sure to pay attention to the quality of the product - defective bra not only quickly lose its shape, but also can harm your breasts.

Bra must exactly fit you in size, both in size under the breast, and on the volume of cups. Too tight bra is fraught with health problems chest, and just too big will not create the desired push-up effect.

It is better to choose a bra with gel tabs, they usually look more natural.

Now on sale are seamless bras, better to give preference to them - these are invisible under tight clothing itself, besides they are much more comfortable. And if you prefer sleeveless clothes, it makes sense to buy a push-up strapless or with removable straps.

What should I look for when choosing a push-up?

1) When fitting bra push-up check, as are the most exposed points of your breasts. They should be in the middle between the line of the shoulders and waist. If the push-up raises your chest above these points or below under the weight of the chest and can not stand it, so push-up should not buy. He just will not perform its functions.

2) The elements of the carcass of any push-up bra should not have even the slightest pressure on your chest. If you felt it fitting pressure and some discomfort, you should opt for a push-up bra with cups made of elastic dense material, without any additional "seed."

3) Pay attention to whether your occupies the entire breast cup bra or a little beyond its limits. Your chest should be completely bonkers in a cup, only then will reach your desired effect push-up.

4) Pay as much attention to the material from which made the bra. Too thin material can be stretched over time, and chest "hang." The good push-up should give tightening effect for a long time to wear.

Refer to your feelings, pick something that you are really comfortable, and then your breasts will look your best!

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