How to choose a jacket

How to choose a jacket
 Jacket - a necessary component of any wardrobe. That it was practical, approach to the issue of selection of jackets thoroughly. When you consider buying it a little fashion trends this season. It is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of modern materials. In addition, the jacket should be in your size and fits your body shape and style.
 Rate the product appearance. To do this, try it and see how it sits on you, if appropriate to the tone of the face and hair color. Check if it sits on your figure. Think, what you will wear this article of clothing. If the jacket has a hood, wear it. It should be the optimum depth to keep warm at the same time does not interfere with the review. The sleeves of the desired length to the wrist, and shoulder the product must sit in the size of the size.

Style jackets are selected according to your preferences. Also, consider your lifestyle. If you spend much time behind the wheel, you will approach a shortened version. For outdoor enthusiasts a wide range of jackets in sporty style.

Try on a jacket with the dress, which will wear it. If you plan to wear under her sweater, let him be to you at the time of fitting. Wearing a jacket, try raise and lower arms. Clothes should not hamper your movements.
The quality of the jacket and the way it will be worn, depending on the material from which it is sewed. Natural materials such as leather, there are certain advantages. Synthetic materials also can be considered. Microfiber protects against moisture and wind and allows the skin to breathe. This material is perfectly suited for winter sports. It is better if the lining is made of natural fibers such as wool or silk. If you are going to buy a warm jacket, choose a down or synthetic insulation, such as padding polyester or Holofayber.

Rate the quality of sewing jackets. Do not buy a product with precipices lines or distortions. Check how tightly sewn accessories and whether working fasteners, zippers.

When buying branded products, you can check the authenticity of the jacket on. If the logo is sewn crooked, brand name is not on the details on the label and there is no information on the composition of the product and to take care of him - before you fake.
Remember that after the purchase, you have two weeks to think again if you need this new thing, and trying on a new jacket with the rest of the clothes. If you change your mind, you can return the product to the store, presenting a check given to you by the seller.

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