How and what to choose fabric for wedding dress

How and what to choose fabric for wedding dress
 The bride's dress - one of the most beautiful pieces of the wedding, however, to choose the right fabric for him, it is necessary to take into account a lot of nuances. Therefore, it is the choice of dresses to become the biggest challenge for the bride. So what kind of fabric is best suited for a wedding dress?  

By tradition, the most "wedding" material is considered atlas. It has a shiny surface and quite comfortable to hold, usually made of silk or mixed fibers. Dress made of this material looks very elegant and easy to combine with other fabrics and decorated with embroidery, lace and crystals. Atlas is light and airy, perfect for brides who marry during the warmer months. Alas, have to give up the dress from a tissue to those who decided to get married in the cold season. It should also be noted that the Atlas is very easy to crumple and groom always have to watch every movement.

This is a luxury silk dress, because it is very expensive. But the advantages of the material can be seen immediately: gloss, smoothness, strength. Any bride will feel it the queen. However, be aware that due to too high smoothness of silk outfit must be sewn on the figure clearly, otherwise the dress will be sliding. Of the minuses "pearls matter" may be noted the ability to easily and lightly crush a full-on photos.

Another material for a wedding dress can be a crepe. He is perfect for sewing dresses with flowing skirts. Unlike previous tissue he did not crumple and also perfectly compatible with all fittings. It should be noted, however, that the crepe is of two types: heavy and light, and thus it is suitable dress for any weather and give a soft and rich look. When choosing a crepe will need to decide from which it will consist of fibers: silk or mixed. Such fabric - great for sewing informal dress.

At the wedding in the summer bride will look great in a dress made of organza. It's an easy transparent fabric, which are used in the manufacture of silk or synthetic fibers. Organza tends to keep a good shape, so the dress has any elements made it out of it: the sleeves, flounces, petticoats.

Here are the main fabrics used in sewing wedding dresses. If you are facing a dilemma elect the fabric that you like, because the bride's attire worn once, but is remembered for a lifetime.

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