Guide prints and textures: how organically combine leopard, velvet and lace?

Guide prints and textures: how organically combine leopard, velvet and lace?
 Such risky but alluring her femininity materials such as lace and velvet, combines only with certain textures of fabrics partner in the ensemble. Animal prints also require special care in preparing a suit to their participation.
 Figure leopard should not be combined with very high heels, this image looks somewhat vulgar and tasteless. Also avoid the use of bright red lipstick, lacquer clutch of a similar shade with clothes animal coloring is also not welcome stylists.

Try not to wear massive gold jewelry, leopard print cheapen the look of jewelry, for the same reason, do not use accessories golden brown.

Leopard print looks amazing in combination with black. It is advisable to use the clothing and jewelry only this shade. Together with a small thing leopard (scarf, top, vest) can be put on pants and dresses of any style, skinny jeans, a classic skirt, jacket and pumps with low heels.

Lace look very erotic and sexy, for this reason, you should avoid tight clothes, bright colors and too deep cleavage, as it will be too much. This style of clothing, combined with lace pattern will make your look cheap and too provocative.

Together with lace trim looks great flying or fluffy dress. Clothes can be not only black but any pastel shade. Lace combined with delicate tones look very stylish and romantic, if the model dresses made and strictly minimalist. Jewellery also should be black or pastel colors. Excellent look in hair ornaments that complement and complete the gentle way.

With velvet too should be treated very carefully. This fabric is very easy to crumple that creates unsightly creases and wrinkles on clothes. Moreover, corduroy easily fly dust and lint different, so wear a dress of velvet desirable only for a special occasion. Do not forget that this fabric visually enhances the figure, so do not wear baggy shapeless clothes with any pile.

Use contrasting colors to set off the texture of velvet. Very nice this fabric looks combined with overlying style attire. Together with the harmonious look velvet cotton and viscose.

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