From what to wear fur vest

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 This is one of the latest discoveries of fashion fall-winter season, it was the world in all its diversity and splendor. We're talking about fur vest. Completely different in style, texture, material and cover - fur vests - but it is a real find for fashionistas when removed his coat still early, but walk in it already (or still) not the time.

Apart from natural fur: mink, lamb, alpaca, fox, sheepskin, astrakhan and chinchillas, designers offer a lot of faux fur vests, leather, decorated with fur hoods and without collars, zippers, ties, fasteners.

Your appearance can greatly vary depending on what kind of jacket you chose. There is an iron rule of fashion, you need to remember - if your image has a volume thing, then the rest should be tight-fitting.

When choosing a vest with a long and fluffy pile - such as alpaca or lamb - should stay on the tight turtleneck and jeans, so as not to create extra volume.

But quietly allowed to wear a wide tweed trousers or a long skirt and a bulk country style, if today is your choice fell on a short-vest to hip.

It is permissible to wear a fur vest with a strict dress to the office. Just wonderful to wear comfortable and warm jacket for a walk, with high boots and jeans.

If the weather outside is not very pampers you warm, the best companion to the vest will become a big knitted scarf casually wrapped around the neck and long gloves, matching handbag or leather belt, which is necessary to emphasize a thin waist.

For secular parties Todd Lynn presented a truly refined elegance and chic - silver fur and stylish draping evening and cocktail dresses. Versace lush vests its corporate blue and leather belts with large decorative buckles, boots on a massive platform - evoked memories of a hippie and disco youth 70s. American designer Michael Kors offered to wear fur vest faux canvas bright red color, combining it with ankle boots and a stylish cocktail dress.

No matter what kind of jacket you choose in the end - whether from natural or artificial fur, with long curly lamb or short nap "cropped" sheepskin, long or short with decorations - you will still look spectacular and stylish.

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