Folk motifs in the summer wardrobe

Folk motifs in the summer wardrobe
 Clothes in ethnic style is often called folk or folk, but the founders of this style became the hippies. They made fashionable loose lines, patterns of colors and natural fabrics. Proponents of the national style in summer clothes appreciate its convenience and authenticity.
 Haute couture uses and develops ethno-style longer than half a century. Its details can be seen in all the fashion collections. Distinctive features of folk motifs in summer clothes: bright ornaments, small colored patterns, flowers, large and small; Natural materials (linen, cotton, wool, silk); free flying line. Points are based on historical folk costumes: kimonos, saris, tunics, sundresses, African dresses to the floor, gypsy skirts.

Combine the clothes in ethnic style with matching shoes and accessories: woven straw hats, Mediterranean sandals, wooden clogs, Asian slates, stunning costume jewelery leather, wood, silver, beads, and other natural materials. Translucent wear tunics with embroidered jackets, bright silk scarves will be in place and on the beach and in the city.

Folk Indian motifs is not the first season at the peak of popularity. Stratification and secrecy characterize things in Indian style. Tunics, saris, trousers and Aladdin-tier skirt of silk and cotton, decorated with beads, embroidery and sequins.

African motifs in clothing presented animalistic prints (leopard, zebra, giraffe) and colorful ornaments. Many ornaments came out of this continent: wide heavy bracelets and earrings made of metal, wood and ivory.

Free sundresses with embroidery, lace and floral patterns - this is a Russian folk style of dress for the summer. The fabric is usually used calico, linen, silk. Life-affirming color - red, green, yellow, cornflower blue, crimson.

Women need to try on a completely different images - at work you can be conservative, and after it to put the thing in ethnic style and become another! Extravagance and glamor of these outfits will provide you with the attention from the opposite sex and cause envy of rivals.

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