Female swimsuit under male physique

Female swimsuit under male physique
 Not all correspond to the model ideal of beauty. "Non-standard" figures so much that the very concept of standard spreads. In each figure type has its own charm, but every woman still want at least through clothing closer to the image of the beauty of a glossy magazine.

Properly chosen clothes able to hide flaws, emphasize the dignity unrecognizable ... But what about, for example, on the beach, because the swimsuit offers much more than hiding? It turns out that there are some tricks.

So, you have the so-called "male figure," which resembles an inverted triangle - broad shoulders, narrow hips, chest and waist unexpressed. You look more like a teenage boy than a woman ... Everything that you think your figure flaws, you can hide - or turn into a profitable line.

Multi-colored top in a bright horizontal stripes, short T-shirt with bright pattern on the chest to distract attention from the broad shoulders, but will concentrate on his flat stomach. As the bottom of select shorts, can be with low waist - they are visually expand a little hips and waistline emphasized.

If you still choose classic swimsuit, then the top straps should be tied behind your neck and not placed on the shoulders - this will narrow shoulders. Choose a plain bra and panties color, decorated with a variety of accessories can be - buckles, knots, catchy design. But Piece Swimsuits not for you.

No need to go to the other extreme and choose swimwear teeming finish. First, even on the beach you should not sin against good taste, and secondly, a lot of details just catch the eye to the fact that you want to hide.

An interesting option - asymmetric top, holding onto one shoulder straps.

Feature your figure - a long slim legs. Focus on them! Leg length can emphasize high cut panties dark color.

You can also try this infrequent swimsuit as trikini - top, panties and skirt in tone, worn over shorts. This skirt - almost universal thing; it can hide the extra volume in those in whom it is, in your case, it will only add to the splendor rather narrow hips.

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