Charm in the winter cold

Charm in the winter cold
 It does not matter whether the window shines the sun or week are frosts. A woman wants to look stylish and elegant in any weather, remember what fashion designers. Winter Fashion is not inferior to the originality and variety of frivolous summer collection.

When surrounded by snow and blizzards ever want comfort and warmth, so the colors of winter clothing should be based on warm shades of chocolate, sand, red and deep green. Always remain relevant black and gray tones that go to all. Considered fashionable silver shades that mimic the brilliance of the winter frost.

Fur - an indispensable attribute of winter image. It is used for sewing, not only street clothes, but the bulk of vests, belts are wide leather belt or waistband lacquer. Considered the most fashionable shades of dark gray with white streaks of gray moss, but relevant and bright acid colors. Wool also remains on the wave of popularity. Knitted woolen coat with unusual ethnic pattern may well replace traditional woolen styles. Unusually elegant look knitting patterns free silhouette with external raw seams. Buttons successfully replace straps of leather - nod to the fashion for oriental style.

Increasingly, designers are inspired clothes from the male wardrobe. Coat-tail coats, and having elongated poluskruglennymi floors and fitting silhouette, are made of wool, velvet or Jacquard. Most warmed models can be trimmed with fur. Strict coat with a double row of large shiny buttons tailored patterned soldier's uniform. They are best worn with trousers and boots on a flat heel. As for the fur and sheepskin coats, then at the peak of popularity truncated model under which you can pododet long sweater coarse knit that will look out slightly.

Winter boots are becoming higher and higher: boots to the knee or mid-thigh to completely replace the function insulated pants that you can wear skirts and dresses in almost any weather. Equally relevant as a model on his heel, and that a flat sole. A lover of comfortable shoes suitable ugi. In addition to the classic monochrome models in stores you can find ugi, completely covered with fur.

The mod is still scope and layering, which is very practical for the winter months. Scarves of various lengths and colors can be wrapped several times around the neck. Particularly relevant retro-chic: Pavloposadskiye scarves not hand over their positions, staying trendy accessory. Suit and other things from the "grandmother" of clothing, for example, voluminous fur hats.

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