Body is back in fashion

Body is back in fashion
 Appearing as an element of dance ballet costumes, body very soon love a woman and gradually moved to the daily wardrobe. If last season's body was not very popular in the new season, it became a hit, thanks largely to Lady Ga-Ga and Madonna. What are the model now in vogue, where they can be put on and what they wear?

Body so popular with women because it is very easy to combine with other clothes. It is perfectly combined with skirts, from mini to maxi, with trousers and jeans. Summer wardrobe this item helps to create a light image of a ballerina, and in winter - keep warm in the cold. Body is well suited to any style of clothing: casual, youth, business, romantic, solemn. All this has made the necessary element of the wardrobe so any modern woman.

Sew them from different materials. Guipure lace and body are good in the summer, they look great with skirts and shorts light strict cut. Lacy help look romantic on a date with her beloved man.

Knit body and viscose or cotton suitable for work and walks on the street in a cold season, it warms the body and help keep warm, protected from the wind. Knitted models can be easily worn with skirts, jeans, trousers, with almost any clothing.

Very stylish look leather body, they create an image of the femme fatale vamp, giving it aggressiveness and sexuality. This model is ideal for the youth party. But the skin must be skillfully combined, it will be combined not with all fabrics and clothing patterns.

The most versatile and elegant version - body lycra or microfiber. Its beauty is that it clings body emphasizes the silhouette, and at the same time does not look vulgar. Such a model can be put under a jacket with a business suit with pants or a skirt, and in an informal atmosphere - with jeans. Tight jeans stretch microfiber with body image make alluring and light, to emphasize the dignity of your figure.

The new season has added interesting details Classic View. Cotton bodysuit boast high collars and abundance of small buttons. In a fashion very bright colors - fuchsia, sky blue, as well as the so-called animal coloring - leopard, tiger, crocodile. Summer version will be a model with floral prints and embroidery. By the way, stylists advise plain skinny body slim women and plump - with prints and a complex pattern.

Of course, the classic versions as no one cancels. Black and white monochrome models with round neckline or entirely covering the neck are truly universal, they can be safely combined with anything. In combination with different accessories and ornaments, they can be part of any style.

This style of clothing items can be anything. There belle body, which pulls the body, giving it the desired shape, then it is worn under other clothing. There are separate options: shirts, blouses, sweaters, turtlenecks.

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