Women's T-shirt: fashion polo returns

Women's T-shirt: fashion polo returns
 Polo - universal T-shirt that modern fashionista is used as the basic things that applies to almost everything. The classic polo you can easily wear on the court for a game of tennis, a cafe with friends, and even social events.
 Cyclical nature of fashion polo again returns to the wardrobe girls these bright shirt with short sleeves and collar stand. And this is no obstacle, no, because Polo - practical, comfortable and feminine clothes.

T-shirt in this style - a bright representative of a light summer products in the style of casual. Because of natural fabrics (cotton, jersey, etc.) clothing is not felt on the body, does not prevent the normal heat transfer, even close-fitting options have a free cut and do not hold down movement. Therefore, polo belongs to the category of dresses for everyday wear.

In the manufacture of products used nemnuschayasya knitted fabric. T-shirt design is easily recognizable. The main element of the polo - turn-down collar at the front, straight clasp at the neck often with buttons or zippers, short sleeves just below her shoulders and a patch pocket on the chest.

Thanks to standard parts polo shirt resembles a tennis athletes. This is not surprising, its origin owes this versatile clothing sportswear men's shirt, created for polo British designer more than a century ago. The product was invented for the rich lovers preferred game of polo and golf. Soon shirt migrated to the wardrobe boaters.

In Russia, the fashion for this article of clothing came in the 70s of the last century. In the USSR, polo called "Bobochko", and at first were only men. Only in the late 80's women gladly become comfortable T-shirt customized to fit your size, combining them with jeans and skirts.

Modern women's polo look more varied and interesting than their predecessors. There was a variety of colors, as trim elements used exclusively ladies - beautiful buttons, sexy deep cut on his chest, embossed embroidery, applique, drawstrings on the sleeves and much more.

Designers love catching the fairer sex to this versatile piece of clothing, went even further. On sale dress-shirt, or as they are affectionately called, "tennis dress." In fact it is the same polo shirt direct or close fitting cut, but extended to the knees or below.

If you lead an active lifestyle, be sure to look for this popular and stylish place things in your wardrobe.

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