Wardrobe in style cargo

Wardrobe in style cargo
 Items of clothing in the style of cargo - a comfortable and loose clothing and accessories for young and not so young people who want to stand out from the crowd and express their individuality. The main feature of the style cargo - efficiency and layering that oppose pretentiousness fashion.

Cargo style (from the English "cargo" - load) allows to follow the time and focus at a furious modern world, when a person is required by all to be able to keep up and all.

A distinctive feature of pants and skirts in this style - this is what they are only on the thighs, blouses and shirts have original neckline, ruffles and kuliske. In general, cargo style - a combination of seemingly incongruous things. As for accessories and jewelry, then it is not acceptable expensive jewelry made of gold and precious stones.

The main feature of the style cargo - the numerous pockets and pockets, located in the most unexpected places (kneeling, on the sides, front and rear), asymmetrical details. Very relevant so-called "pocket-belt." This accessory can be combined with almost any pants, skirt or sundress, it's incredibly practical, as it can accommodate all the little things, and, no doubt, will add zest to your image.

"Pocket-belt" can be one tone with your clothes, or a contrasting color, it should be several compartments, it fastens with a zipper, button, or left open. In addition to this original belt can be attached using the buttons or buttons pockets. They can be attached wherever you want. However, the pockets may be fixed garment component. They are decorated with a variety of applique, embroidery, sequins, beads and lace and are made of various materials, such as leather, denim, PE and so on.

Skirt-style multi-cargo, light or bright colors, asymmetrical designs and unusual pockets. Trousers chooses quiet and dark colors: gray, brown, black, but shorts and breeches may be the most unimaginable colors and styles. Complete their bright long shirt that can be tied on his stomach knot or pretty adjacent topom (pockets it can be concealed).

As accessories, use scarves with abstract drawings, various belts and "ksivniki" - small leather pouches with laces.

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