Visual breast augmentation

Visual breast augmentation
 Owners of small-sized breasts are trying all sorts of ways to increase it. The view that only men like curvy shape - is wrong. Everyone has their own preferences. So do not lie on the operating table or drink a variety of drugs. With a strong desire to visually enlarge the breasts can help with clothes and corrective underwear.
 Girls who have small breasts, you must adhere to two main principles. Firstly, the clothing should balance the figure. Second, the owners of modest bust fit tight T-shirts and T-shirts. They emphasize the curves of the body perfectly. Just do not choose a model strapless and thin straps.

Putting on a blouse with frills or ruffles, you visually increases breast. Also in the resolution of this problem will help buttons, pockets and zippers. In such a fragile girl dress look elegant and sexy. At the same time, like blouses for obese women will visually give extra pounds.

Choosing a new t-shirt, look at the picture. The ideal option would be a T-shirt with bright print. He would distract attention from a small chest. Discard the vertical strips. She has the ability to draw the figure, thereby reducing the chest. Horizontal bar, on the contrary, emphasize the visual and give volume.

Forget the black stuff, they do not hide the figure, but rather expose its shortcomings show. They are your breasts will look even smaller than it actually is. Therefore give preference bright cheerful shades and colors. In these clothes you will always look young and feminine.

When choosing clothes, pay attention to the neckline. Owners exquisite breasts are more suitable triangular, oval, square rather than. But in this case it is important not to overdo it. Deep cuts emphasize the small size of the breast. Stand-up collar will look spectacular on the slender girl.

Adjust the chest will help to lift the linen effect. This bra sewn special gel or foam pads. They are able to visually enlarge breast size 1-2. Remember that in this lingerie skin difficulty breathing. Therefore, they are not recommended to wear for more than 12 hours.

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