Stylish Clothes for overweight: the secrets of the correct choice

Stylish Clothes for overweight: the secrets of the correct choice
 Over the last century fashion rather rigidly designates its own requirements for a perfect figure, but they manage to fit not for everyone. Just a few decades ago such a thing as a style to complete, simply did not exist. Some tried to sew things in order, while others wore what they could get. Finally, the situation has changed radically, and the extra pounds ceased to be sentenced. If you follow certain rules in the selection of clothing, then you can look good at any weight.
 Stylish clothing for full there, and it's not only free tunics or robes. Most of the designers said that the ladies with curvy figure must adhere to the golden mean. Too tight things should not be present in the locker room for obvious reasons why expose to the public each of his crease? But things resembling a parachute or cape - also not a good idea. They add volume, even in places where it is not.

The task of any clothing to hide flaws and highlight the merits. Therefore let skinny top, showing the beauty of the breast. In all other areas, it is desirable to adhere to free forms. It can be free-shirts, bottom, tunics, cardigans, the length of which covers the mid-thigh, but not rush to the area of ​​the knees.

The lower part of the wardrobe must also have a free cutting. Straight skirts to mid-knee, combined with high heel shoes, pants, banana or a small flare - it all allow you to present a more profitable heavy hips.

Style for full involves a combination of fabrics. Trousers and skirts are permitted from denser materials, whereas the top should be easy, or silhouette generally becomes too heavy.

Often full of girls avoid dresses, preferring pantsuits, and it's not quite true. Not one article of clothing can not add femininity to the extent that it makes the dress. It is only important to choose the right style. Hit recent seasons - balloon dress. It is ideal for full figures. But also from direct payments should not give up, just need to choose the right size and length. Too short baring top portion knees, while an overly long will weight.

Looks good jersey, as glassware take the form of the body, not too obtyagivaya. Also pay attention to natural materials such as linen and cotton. They look decent on any figure.

But it is equally important for the formation of identity, not only the right choice of clothes, but also self-confidence. Without it, even the most luxurious dress will look dull and impersonal.

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