Military style clothing

Military style clothing
 After World War II, in the early 50-ies of the last century, on fashion runways out the first models in military-style clothing. Many sewing production were closed, and the state pursued a policy of austerity. Military style ("military" translated from English), supplemented by some contemporary touches, immediately found its fans.
 The cut, trim and shape military style as close to uniform, consisting of coats, tunics and uniforms. Of course, the daily military clothes sewn from normal tissue, more familiar inhabitant than the fabric of military uniforms.

For military style characterized accessories in the style of military ammunition and comfortable shoes, often with thick soles. This coarse shoes with rounded capes laced combat boots and tractor-soled shoes. Silhouettes of military style seem a bit angular and sharp: the extended shoulders, hips and narrowed line accented waist. Look at the trendy trench coat: stand-up collar, patch pockets, tight shoulders, often with decorative straps and a belt with a large buckle.

Underlined the thigh breeches, which is advisable to wear with boots with high tops, or cargo pants of coarse material with a plurality of patch pockets. In the men's locker room mandatory military-camouflage pants, short jacket ("pilot jacket") of the skin, sometimes with natural fur, or jacket of coarse material with large buttons.

Defining feature of clothing in military style - the color. Traditional military colors - khaki, camel, camouflage shades and all shades of green and blue. There are olive green, muddy brown, and even gold.

For accessories in military style include brooches, stylized sorts of awards and badges, rectangular shoulder bags that need to wear over the shoulder belts with massive buckles, large buttons, metal bracelets with leather elements.

Kind of military - High Military - a well-deserved love of many famous designers - Dior, Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton offer clothing, uniforms styled war years. Her femininity make the fabric, for example, soft satin.

Military style choose confident people with a strong character, who are not afraid attention of others. The woman in the military is always different: long dress with stripes hussar - romantic image for a meeting, knee-high boots and tight khaki trousers with a short jacket - a complete image for a fun party or bohemian hangouts. Military - discoveries of recent years, the style is experiencing a rebirth.

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