Men's suit in the women's locker room

Men's suit in the women's locker room
 Men's suit in the women's locker room came in the first half of the last century. The first revolutionary, create an image of a woman-boy became Coco Chanel, and make it a reality Marlene Dietrich. To the surprise of many, the strict men's suits on fragile woman began to look very sensual and sexy. Elements of the male wardrobe, demonstrating originality, strength and independence of women, emphasize its fragile fascination. But to create such an impression must choose the right accessories.
 Women gradually "dragged" men in their wardrobes not only suits, but also comfortable jeans, sweaters, jackets, stylish trench coats, shirts and even hats. With inimitable grace and glamor they have learned to wear the rest of the men's accessories - watches with large dials, suspenders, belts and ties are strict.

This trend continues, many fashion houses create a collection in the style of "unisex", items of which look great on both sexes. But such clothing is not blurs the line between them, but rather emphasizes the masculinity and femininity of some others. This is possible only when all the costume details are carefully designed and selected.

Small changes in the cut and the details of a man's suit, subtle at first glance, do a female version of a more elegant lines of his smooth and refined, allowing women to remain graceful and fragile, and not masculine. Unbuttoned the top button of his shirt, tie attenuated able to fill business image elusive sexuality.

But destroy you created the image may incorrectly matched outerwear. To the male suit trouser suit strict direct classic style coat length just below the knee. You do not mess up the silhouette if emphasize the waist belt or waistband.

Such accessory as braces, can give external appearance playful nature. They are ideally combined with wide trousers and big jacket, giving you the fragility and emphasizing sexuality.

Pay special attention to footwear. In any case it should not be a heavy, square-toed. But it will be inappropriate and stud, high sharp heel. Select shoes with almost no heel or, if absolutely can not do without it, then the middle and wide. Look great with a suit pointy shoes with flat soles.

Complete the costume and other accessories. Rough leather belt can be trimmed wide bright tie or a silk scarf tied necktie knot, elegant scarf and spectacular brooch.

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