How to deduce grease stains from clothes

How to deduce grease stains from clothes
 Grease stain on your favorite things can be a real problem. Do not despair and give up. The sooner you start to output spot, the greater the chance of a positive result.
 Fresh grease stains can be removed with the adsorbent - potato starch, semolina, talcum powder or salt. These materials have a porous structure, so effectively absorb fat. The process of cleansing tissue will go faster if the adsorbent heat.

Blot the grease stain with a paper towel, not rubbing it. Then sprinkle the area with a thick layer of adsorbent. Cover with a cotton cloth and set load. Leave in this position for a few hours. After this time, shake off excess powder brush for clothes. Wash the item in warm water with detergent.

If there is no way to wash clothes, use an iron. Lay the fabric on a flat surface. On the underside of the front side and put the paper towels. Then iron the warm iron. As these spots change the paper. Under the influence of the heat will be absorbed in fat tissue.

Prepare the following solution. Take rubbing alcohol and a few drops of ammonia. Stir and apply grease spot. Leave it for a while and rinse the cloth under running water. Faded trace of stain dish detergent. It is composed of substances that do well with grease spots without damaging the color and texture of the material.

Modern stain removers can remove contamination of various origins, including fat. This method is good for colored fabrics. In accordance with the instructions apply to the stain. Then rinse in plenty of water.

Mix 1 teaspoon of table salt with 2 tablespoons of ammonia. Moisten a cotton or gauze swab and wipe the contaminated area. That on the fabric not obrazovlos divorce, process from outside to inside. If the first attempt failed to bring the stain, repeat all over again.

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