How to choose a skirt

How to choose a skirt
 Skirt - this is one of the essential elements of this fashionista's wardrobe. Choose a beautiful, unusual, and most importantly, the right of the figure - an art. The main thing when choosing a skirt definitely need to remember that fashion trends - this is certainly great. But still more important that the clothes were tasteful.
 First and foremost, you need to take into account the peculiarities of their own figures. For example, in the event that you have a very slim waist and hips are narrow enough, you can purchase a tight skirt - there you will look great. But those who have hips wide enough to get involved in such things should not be.

If your height is small (up to 160 cm), do not risk to wear long skirts - they can make you visually even lower. A great option for smaller ladies - midi skirts, and even better, a mini. Classics of the genre, and perhaps that is almost everything - this pencil skirt, which, depending on the style, you can wear in the office, and just for a walk with her beloved man.

In that case, if you want to hit men on the spot, choose a short skirt. But do not forget that the mini - a model exclusively for the slender legs! Understand and its age. Mini-skirt of course possible to carry not only sixteen, but twenty-five years. But the top becomes more modest with age: of course, no deep neckline or translucent blouses. And in any case, do not wear a mini office - it looks, at least, ugly and unethical.

In the event that you are the owner of wide hips, look for flared skirts, long and quite lush. Such a model can hide minor flaws and figures, on the contrary, perfectly emphasize dignity.

A single word - about the colors of the skirt. To create a stylish office ensemble is best to choose plain model, and, both light and dark. Classic color, of course, the black, but you can also pay attention to the brown and gray, white or beige. It will be interesting to look rich blue skirt or, conversely, light blue color.

But if you choose a skirt that can be worn on a romantic date or a party at the club - experiment. The color scheme can be both pastel and bright red or pink, blue or green. When choosing a skirt, not too lazy to pick up and try on all the models that you like. Just experimenting, you can choose the model that will be the jewel of your wardrobe and help create a unique, unique image!

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