Gabderob to low: fabric

Gabderob to low: fabric
 Not all fit in the standards world podiums - but the woman who set a goal to look stylish and beautiful, has all chances to achieve this. It is only necessary to take into account the peculiarities of his body in the selection of clothing and fabrics for her. For example, a petite woman have their own unique charm. But to look in proportion and harmony, the choice of materials for the clothes they need to pay attention to some of the nuances.

If you are the owner of small stature - from fabrics with large and bright pictures should be abandoned. It is undesirable to use a large embossed velvet hem, embossed jersey, as well as fat tissue volume. Unfortunately, all this will make the figure look even smaller. A thin strip on the fabric (horizontal to lean figure, the vertical - to full-bodied), just create the right impression. Will look good on a petite figure plain cloth or tissue with a small figure. Appropriate small and medium sized cage.

The selection of materials should take into account the type of your physique. Obese women better to choose plain materials or materials with a small figure. The vertical direction of the drawing will also be a plus. But for the holders of a slim figure - would be admissible floral print, but not too big. Give the missing volume skinny girl's figure also help velvet, corduroy or small. Try to choose a thinner fabric, soft-fitting shape, but avoid styles of clothing, creating a large folds.

When selecting clothes remember - the less it will be horizontal articulation, such as yoke or the Basques, the higher you'll look. Avoid patch pockets, cuffs, lapels, and other large items. Vertical lines, for example, V-shaped neckline, princess seams and decorative stitches - on the contrary, would be appropriate. It is also possible to use asymmetrical lines.

Not to be combined in one package many different fabrics, patterns and colors - it will also increase the number of horizontal articulation. However, it makes no sense to dress from head to toe in one color: try to pick up items of clothing in close to each other colors, adding to them a distinctive accent color. In the selection of accessories, do not use too large and wide.

As for the color in general, dark colors will visually figure above. But with them it is better not to overplay by putting entirely in black, if you have a fragile constitution. Will look good in clothes women low shades of brown, purple, olive green. For summer dresses elegant girls can use more light and bright colors: pink, yellow, orange.

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