Female features of the male wardrobe

Female features of the male wardrobe
 Over time varies. Changes and the clothes worn by women. And what yesterday seemed strange, unacceptable, perceived hostility and mercilessly ridiculed, today is no surprise. This applies primarily to the female things, once borrowed from the male wardrobe.

Trousers. This is perhaps one of the most important pieces of clothing in every woman's closet. And only some 7-8 generations ago, women did not infringe on the male subject. Units who dared to break the traditions of the society, will forever remain in history. The newspapers also 50s. XIX century woman dressed pants were awarded a mention in cartoons. But World War I changed the priorities in clothes. Women have replaced men went to the front, working in offices and production, mastered and more convenient for this purpose pants. In our country, they entered into the life much later than in the US and other European countries. Is it possible to imagine 30 years ago girl, who came to school wearing pants?

Shirt. First, this comfortable, truly masculine garment appreciated business women. Mass it started to wear in the 70s of the 20th century. Now it is an indispensable thing for use at home, in the office and on the road.

T-shirt. Plain sports shirt migrated into the female wardrobe almost immediately after the appearance is converted into a beautiful, stylish thing.

Tie. Now it has become part of the corporate culture. Wearing a tie made of women in many companies. Pay your opinion on this piece of clothing and representatives of high fashion.

Vest. It drew attention to women, perhaps because she pritalen and wonderfully combined with trousers with arrows, shirt and hat.

Hat. It would seem, visionary, who invent new styles of women's hats, does not dry out. But men's hats in the women's locker room superfluous did not, however, like other hats that were once male - baseball caps, caps, round knit and fur hats.

Among these the most common garments that are derived from the male representative of the beautiful half of humanity, can be attributed, and everything else - belts, suspenders, shoes, sweaters and even coats with a tuxedo.

Despite the fact that all these things "change sex", they not only inhibit the attractiveness of women, and even, on the contrary, emphasize all their charms. Freedom of choice of clothing allows each woman to decide how and what to wear, most importantly - to keep a sense of proportion and taste.

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