Fashion for androgyny

Fashion for androgyny
 Initially considered androgynous person who does not belong to any gender roles (male or female) in the community. External androgyny expressed in the presence of male and female characteristics, as well as a pronounced intersexuality may also indicate the development of this trend. In other words, it is the same hermaphrodite, androgyne only includes rather social and external characteristics than the physical and anatomical.

Women's androgyny is becoming increasingly popular, and in recent years has not lost its relevance. It can be found everywhere. For example, Fashion women's clothing fashion designers are full of masculine bows, artistic Brogg, wide double-breasted jackets and extravagant hats. Ties, bow, suits and tuxedos as well combined and it is appropriate to sit on the fragile figures models.

 If we look at history, you can easily notice that the woman in man's image has always been popular and caused unprecedented interest among the public. And women themselves sometimes like to go on public display in the likeness of men. In addition, for many it becomes quite harmoniously and naturally. Get at least Katharine Hepburn, which played a man in the movie "Sylvia Scarlett", or Angelina Jolie, no less feminine nature, which had to change into a man in the movie "Salt". And remember our "Office Romance" where Alice Freyndlih as emotionless robot Kalugin Ludmila Prokofyevna, at the very beginning of the film is a prominent representative of the androgyne. And this despite the fact that in the Soviet Union, few people knew and could understand the meaning of the word.

 Modern photographers recently especially often resort to masculine image. The human soul, which has no floor, as many artists, encapsulated in a man's suit combined with a brutal and provocative behavior. But in this case it is important not only to the outer side of the nature of the androgyne, but its interior. Directors, designers and artists are very sharp, much better than all the others, a sense of social need in a particular manner. So why female androgyny has achieved such popularity in modern society is still heterosexual people?

 Living in a world of strong, successful and self-sufficient man, a woman is always very difficult to find his true calling. Social roles were clearly defined and discussed. Over time, they began to wash off, and now the woman is quite a worthy rival in all respects to the modern man. Now her little stay at home, have children and take care of her husband. Now it may just as well as men, to become a successful politician, a businessman or a public figure.

 In any case, no matter what changes or demanded by our society, any woman, being disguised as a man, must never forget that she is a woman, and this is its main strength and social mission.

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